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Why going to a Car Wash is Beneficial?

Why going to a Car Wash is Beneficial?

In this day and age, the typical American households own an average of two cars. This means more gas and insurance payments and a stressful mind. It is no wonder then that car owners try to save on car expenses, especially when it comes to washing their cars. Car owners end up avoiding any sort of car wash businesses, presuming that they are better off cleaning their own cars or, what’s worse, not cleaning their cars at all. Yet, it has been proven through various studies that at-home car washing is awful for a car’s finish. In order to have a car that not only remains in a great shape for as long as you own it but also is as environmentally friendly as possible, it is important for you to take your car to a professional car wash.
Here’s a list of benefits of taking your car to a car wash service:
Good for the Environment

Sure, we are dirtying the air with pollution, but that doesn’t mean that we should add on to the waste. By taking your car to a car wash, you are protecting the environment in a big way. Think about it. When you wash your car at home, particularly when you wash using a garden hose and chemical detergents, all that water and soap runs down your driveway and ends up in storm drains. This leaves this chemically-filled water untreated before it returns to rivers, lakes, and such. Not to mention that every time you wash our car at home, you are wasting gallons and gallons of water (unless you use a spray bottle and a rag, which is still bad for your car as we explain below).

Now, you’re probably asking how a professional car wash is better for the environment. You see, professional car wash businesses recycle the water they use, so it is never dumped into storm drains and it never returns to the ecosystem untreated. At the same time, car washes use biodegradable soap that is safe for the environment and your car too.

Saves You Time

Let’s face it. Cleaning your car at home is bound to take you at least 30 to 40 minutes of your time, and who wants to spend this much time cleaning mud and bird droppings off their car? No one! Unless they’re really into that kind of work. Washing your car at a professional car wash service usually takes no more than 15 minutes and saves you time so you can focus on your priorities.

Protects Your Car

The majority of car owners are not aware that washing their cars at home can damage their cars. Imagine driving a five-year-old car that has a dull color and peeling paint all over it. That’s what will happen to your car over time when you wash it at home because the home tools you use, such as sponges and rags, can scratch your car. Two separate studies conducted by the University of Texas and the University of Munich (in Germany), for instance, concluded that washing with home tools ends up ruining a car’s finish. Dirty sponges and harsh chemicals scrape at the paint and remove the shine from wash after wash. That’s dreadful! Though, at a professional car wash, the tools used are designed specifically to protect your car and ensure the paint stays in perfect shape.

Shields Your Car from Harsh Weather and Dirt

Choosing to not wash your car at all might just be the worst idea yet, and not just because it’ll look filthy and smell like rotten eggs. Leaving your car dirty can ruin the paint, and while you can’t avoid the weather (unless you park your car in a garage or under a roof), you can get it professionally cleaned, which does protect your car’s exterior from grime buildup and water stains made by rain. At a professional car wash service, the most advanced tools and products are used to ensure that your car gets the best finish possible and stays like-new.

It’s clear to see why going to a car wash service is better than washing your car at home. Why rely on home tools and products which can potentially ruin your car when you can be at ease knowing professionals are taking care of your prized car. After all, you’d be doing yourself, your car, and the environment a favor.


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